Soaker hoses and mistaking radishes for carrots and pests, oh my

So the whole soaker hose/clay soil thing isn’t working as well as I thought it would. The area we planted the taters and corn in is lower then the rest, with the area the taters are in the lowest…with the clay soil, the water drains very slow, so it’s flooding the potatoes before the corn is barely wet. We spent most of the day in the garden trying out various things, digging a drainage ditch, re-running the hoses, but it just wasn’t working. So we pulled the hose from that area, and reran the hoses going to the squares, mostly eliminating the pooling by the potatoes, but I left the drainage ditch so it should be ok. It’s gonna take me a week to get it all pretty again, lots of mud got dub up and it’s looking pretty motley again. Working on a solution for the other area. Forgot to get a timer, and that will be crucial to keep that area from flooding.

I’ve been waiting for the carrots to do something. There were 7 or 8 plants in the carrot area that I dumbly assumed were carrot seedlings, but scattered all over…today I noticed there was 2 nice straight rows of tiny seedlings and it dawned on me those were the carrots, not the other plants. Then I remembered Aiden (my 4 year old son) bumping me and spilling some radish seeds when I was planting. I looked over and DUH they were the same leaves. I felt rather stupid. So I pulled those up and am happy now, I have a ton of carrots!

The broccoli are HUGE! The leaves are just massive (relatively speaking of course, they’re the biggest in the garden so far, and biggest I’ve grown anything in years) and so healthy. I planted more spinach, none of it is growing, and more corn in the spots that aren’t growing anything. Something is attacking/eating the corn, I’m posting pictures in a few places to see what it is. The corn area has got a ton of ants…like a couple swarms of them, so I put out a borax trap (worst chemical I use) and will spread DE over the area tomorrow, but want to make sure those measures take care of whatever is eating my corn. If you have an idea what did this, please post a comment! Thank you!

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