Less garden, more yard work

Disclaimer: I’m on a quest to lose weight, so I didn’t ask for much help from Chris, in case anyone wonders why I did it all lol

Today, I:

Finished mowing the front lawn, and mowed the back. We have 1/5th of an acre, not a lot, but not a tiny city plot either, so that burned some calories. Also gave the mower a good cleaning. Chris doesn’t do it (he was raised much differently, in a “everything is disposable” house) so it badly needed to be done.

I trimmed a couple of roses that were getting unruly and cut off the broken branch from the Wisteria. Still pissed about it (I’m not taking it out on my son though, while he’s grounded for a week for lying and grounded from playing with that friend, I’m treating him like normal).

Made a new spot for the grass clipping to turn in the mulch, closer to the garden.

Spread grass seed over the front side yard’s garden area. I’m tired of trying to keep it weeded, so I’m going to overseed it with grass then make circles of mulch around the rose bushes. Then watered it well. I can’t believe how little rain we’re getting. My water bill is going to skyrocket soon.

Checked out each of the potatoes – they are all growing, most almost ready to pop above ground. Going to let the grass clippings cook for a few days then spread it out over the potato area. The corn is growing a little too. The herbs don’t look good at all. I’ll give them some more time and love, but I think they’ll need replanting.

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