Aerial view of the garden & grapes and blueberries, oh my!

I finally got some soaker hoses to try out. I didn’t have enough to do the entire garden so I did some research on soaker hoses and watering methods to make sure it was worth buying more (apparently it is, most pages I read on watering suggest to use the soaker method to keep the leaves dry so as to not invite diseases). So off to Lowes we went.

I got 2 75′ soaker hoses and some landscape stakes to hold the hose in place, plus a few other little things, looked at a BBQ/smoker that we’d like to have, then found the grape and berry plants. Dammit. They were only like $6.50 each and they were big plants, so I had to try. I got 3 grapes and 2 blueberry and they’ll be planted tomorrow.

I hopped up on the roof tonight to take a picture from above. I have got to get those evil bushes out of there!

Oh, I almost forgot, my first zucchini appeared in the garden today! I was happy to see the little guy =)

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  1. Compostings
    Compostings says:

    Now that’s an aerial photo! And your garden is actually aesthetically very pleasing.

    I halfway started a soaker hose project and then chickened out. I should just complete it… I put in a faucet thingy in the garden and now just need to run a hose to it.


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