Today in the garden, I found

Potatoes sprouting! At least two! I actually had to dig a little to find it, they’re kinda growing level with the ground and a little bit up. One russet and one red that I found, but I didn’t want to go messing with all of them, so I’m sure there’s more.

Everything is looking well, the tomatoes aren’t really growing but they aren’t dying either. I think/hope they are building a good root system then will get back to the business of growing up. We have 4 cauliflower plants that seem to be doing the same thing. The broccoli is slowly, but actively growing, as are the peas. No zucchini or squash, but I noticed some of the squash seeds somehow got pushed up on top of their little hills, so I replanted them. Hopefully either the those or the ones I planted yesterday inside will do something soon!

I gave everything another watering (about every other day, can’t seen to go any longer or they get droopy) and Earth Juice feeding. The peas are big enough to not need nitrogen I learned, so I made a separate “meal” for them with just the Bloom and Catalyst.

Chris made me 6 spots to plant the watermelon and pumpkins, 6 2’x2′ chunks dug out of the ground to till and fill in with good soil and make mounds with. I will go get that tomorrow and get those planted along with the cucumbers.

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