How do I do it??

Some people are wondering how I have the time to do everything.

It just kind of happens. I use the kids as slave labor…wait, no, I can’t say that.

They garden with me and their homeschool day is a large part gardening right now. Every subject is covered in the garden and while researching gardening – history, science, literature, reading, math, even government (finding out if certain things like chickens are legal – and they aren’t in the city of Salem, the jerks), etc.

Work has been slow lately so that helps. But when I have a heavy work load, I work a few hours in the morning and a few after the kids go to bed (7 days a week if I have to)….now when my dad comes home, things might get too much for me. It’ll depend on how much care he needs. Work will go before the garden…as long as I keep some work to keep my name out there, it’ll be fine. The income I get taking care of my dad pays the bills, my income as a web designer helps us with the extras (right now though, that’s his care in the care center).

Dishes and laundry pile up often, but not really to the point of disgusting and we’re all naked. The kids help with chores, but nothing really big. Keeping the floors and toys picked up keeps the house presentable, I can close the kitchen door if we have guests (and we never do, I’m such an anti social hermit).

I guess the biggest thing that makes this house run is the people in it working together…and even with Chris’ and my problems, it still seems to happen.

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  1. Kate
    Kate says:

    I’ve found that since having a baby, I’m really motivated to make time for myself, which lately has meant gardening and blogging and reading, and this makes me *have* to get my s— together, as much as I ever have it together. (I.e., I hear you with the dishes and the laundry piles.) Seems now like I got so little done, before I made a family, musta been positively dull. So cool you’re using gardening to teach — can’t wait ’til we’re doing the same.

  2. themanicgardener
    themanicgardener says:

    Now you’re going to be caring for your father, on top of everything else? My hat’s off to you.

    My husband’s mother, who has Alzheimer’s, moved to a house two blocks away several years ago, and I ended up doing a lot of care-taking. She’s in a care facility now, very small and loving, so the load is off, but there were times…. Does your dad have any special needs?

    Anyway, more power to you.

  3. Amy
    Amy says:

    Thank you =)

    I’ve actually been taking care of my dad for 6.5 years already. He lost his foot in December and has been in a care facility getting rehab, and just recently got his prosthetic and will be coming home probably within the month. He’s a very, very difficult person to be around and take care of, mentally and physically – there’s tons of stuff about him on my general blog if anyone is interested, but it’s not happy fun stuff.


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