Broken Wisteria Tree

I have a beautiful Wisteria tree/vine off my front deck and my oldest son and his friend (who’ve we’ve had a ton of problems with before this) decided it was a good idea to break one of the 2 main branches off. Literally half the tree is missing. Not only that, but it happened yesterday and my son never told me about, Chris found out and we had to dig for the truth (that’s a whole other issue though of course!!).

Picture from April 2007..the bit of branch off to the left that can be seen here is the one that’s broken. The tree is just starting to bloom and it’s gonna be sucky to see only half the growth now. It’s all lopsided. 🙁

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  1. themanicgardener
    themanicgardener says:

    Losing part of an old, lovely wisteria–that’s the pits. In the picture it looks like it’s in a sling; is that since the damage? Any chance you could splint it? I’ve seen it done successfully, though not with wisteria.

    As for the lying and all–all mothers face something similar. I got to have my kids turned over to me by the local police–in Japan. They seem okay now, knock on wood.

    Good luck with both tree and son.


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