More seeds planted

I started cucumbers, pumpkins, watermelons and added more zucchini and squash to get going *just in case*. I’ll plant the rest of the seeds outside tomorrow or the next day, but this way I’ll have back up. I’m getting sneaky 😉

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  1. Nancy J. Bond
    Nancy J. Bond says:

    Hi Amy — I checked out your WordPress blog and it’s lovely, especially your header photo. 🙂 Your comments on that blog only allow WP users; perhaps you set it up that way intentionally? Either way, kudos on your budding crop.

  2. Jean Ann
    Jean Ann says:

    Hi Amy,
    That’s so weird that your potatoes haven’t shown up yet, but your corn has! No telling with the weird weather we have been having…I am planning on doing some serious planting this weekend and next and hope to get most of the rest of my veggies in the ground. I am going to try several methods of growing tomatoes and peppers to see which will give the best results…we do have to be sneaky in the PNW!

  3. Amy
    Amy says:

    I’ve had my general blog set to require registration to stop spam, but I just found a nifty anti-comments-spam plugin so I made it so anyone can register. Comments are still moderated (WordPress blogs tend to get bombarded with spam) but I’ll have any non spam comments approved within hours. Thanks for pointing that out Nancy =)

    Jean Ann – can you link me your plot on blotanical? I tried to add you to favorites but searching for your blog yielded a ton of results. Have fun planting this weekend! The weather sure turned cold, I think I might wait til the weekend myself.


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