Sprout and seedling pictures

Lots of pictures here! All photos copyright Amy Williams and may not be used without written permission by the artist. Faking such permission does not make it ok.

I also replanted the early girl tomatoes in individual pots and will let them get a few more sets of leaves before I harden off them and the rest of the roma and beefsteaks. I got the lemon cucumber seed from Dirt Works today as well, and I need to go plant them, the watermelon and the pumpkin tomorrow.

Green peppers..these are showing very little stress thankfully.

These 2 are broccoli. Once I pinched off the damaged leaves, it was easier to see they are growing.

Strawberries…first planted and doing the best.

Beets (I dunno why I keep calling them radishes, but these are beets)

White radishes

Peas & Beans…I finally am seeing them growing again. They shot up so fast in the house then stopped when I moved them outside. There’s new growth today!

Corn patch. No sprouts that I can see

Potatoes…nothing popping up yet. I dug up a seed to make sure they weren’t rotting and it looks fine, so I think I just need to be patient.


I think this is one of the tenderpod beans? They are doing the worst of all the peas and beans..only 4 of 10 sprouted and only 2 have made it once outside, and they aren’t looking so hot – but there is new growth today!

It’s very theraputic to be in the garden. Relaxing and makes the little and not so little problems seem a little more distant for a few minutes.

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  1. Compostings
    Compostings says:

    Great to see the plants starting to grow. Your peas are looking good. Can’t wait for mine to grow past the 4-inch stage! Still a little cold here.


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