Earth Juice

Ordered late the 30th, and it came today. I was impressed at the fast, free shipping from! I mixed 2tsp grow, 1 tsp bloom, 2 tsp catalyst and 1tsp microblast per each gallon of water in our sprayer and liberally doused all the plants and not yet emerged seeds, then gave it all a good watering. I’ve got a rhody out front that isn’t doing well, I’m going to try some on it as well. The grow formula is kinda gross, it’s definitely made from bat poop – you squeeze it out of the container LOL The other 3 are liquid. I will be going out first thing tomorrow and will report any good or bad findings! Lets hope it’s good, my poor tomatoes!


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  1. Barbee' May 3, 2008 at 8:21 am #

    Ewwwee! Sounds gross (as my grandchildren say.) Good luck with that. Plants should love it.

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