How to grow rice at home

Yes, I’m going to try this LOL

Went out and did some weeding and watering. Things were getting pretty dry, so I’m hoping some of the sickly plant problem was a water need. The strawberries are still doing excellent, so I wonder if it’s transplant shock more then poor soil? I tried to harden off the plants, but we haven’t had enough dry weather to do a good job with that.

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  1. Stormy Weather
    Stormy Weather says:

    Hi! I’m a fellow MDC mom (and longtime lurker on your blog) starting my own first garden ever this year, as well…I am really enjoying all your gardening posts! (And getting lots of great ideas, as well.)

    I thought you might be interested in the homemade “pesticide” we made, after some horrible creature turned all my little baby collard leaves into green lace – it might repel your visitors as well:

    Simmer 3 big onions + 8 cloves garlic (all roughly chopped) in 3 quarts water for an hour.

    Strain and store in the fridge (we filled a spray bottle and put the rest in an old plastic 1/2 gallon OJ jug); spray plants every couple of days, esp. after it rains.

    It’s been protecting them so far; if it stops working so well, we’re going to add 1 T Dr. Bronner’s to the spray bottle each time we fill it.

    Looking forward to reading more posts!


  2. Babs
    Babs says:

    growing rice at home? I’d love to try! Especially with all this crazy news about a rice shortage lately!

  3. Shala
    Shala says:

    I’m going to try this. Our weather is so dry here that I’m not sure that I could keep enough water standing in the pot but I will give it a shot!


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