Warming up….sort of

Well, the super cold system is gone. It left over 2 feet of snow on our friend in Alberta, Canada though LOL It’s not real warm, about 45-50 right now, but warm enough to start hardening off the seedlings. So they are spending their first day outside, on the front porch, to start getting acclimated to the air and wind and cold. The rain isn’t supposed to let up until Thursday-Friday, so we’ll get the garden finished tilling then, plant the potatoes which are more then ready, and put the pea/vine trellis up.

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  1. Barbee'
    Barbee' says:

    You must be a fireball of energy. I don’t see how you do it all what with the children. That is an adorable angel pictured above. I had four babies in six years and four days. I didn’t get much gardening done then, but have made up for it since they grew up. Now, we have six grandchildren. Two are here in town.
    Love your blog. Found you on Blotanical.


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