My babies are growing up!

I’m just amazed how much better these are doing then my last attempt at gardening in Idaho (the time before that I was successful, but again, we were in Oregon, though North-East).

Roma and beefsteak tomatoes, broccoli, snow pea, green beans and sugar snap peas

Garlic, thyme, basil, broccoli, and cauliflower

Green pepper, roma & beefsteak tomatoes, and cauliflower

Early girl tomato, spinach, lettuce, oregano, asparagus, white onion, parsley, and chives

Basil, thyme, broccoli, white onion, and cauliflower

I have a lot of each, only the biggest and strongest will end up in the garden. I figured if I started out with 10x more then I actually need, I might get a few to actually produce.

The strawberries survived the freezing last night. They’re uncovered now (10 minutes after I uncovered them, it started to hail pea sized ice ball of course, I hope they are ok from that). I’ll cover them up again at night until Tuesday morning.

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